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Best of Both Worlds Podcast

Dec 17, 2019

We welcome our first mother-daughter pair to the show on this fascinating episode!  Dr. Karen Higgins became a pediatrician in the days that being a working mother was unusual and having a child during medical training essentially unheard of.  She went on to have 3 children during her 30+ year career as a practicing pediatrician in a small town in the midwest.  Her children were inspired and shaped by growing up in a two-career family, and Christie joins her mother today in this episode to talk about what that was like, and which lessons she has brought into her own life as a working mother to her now 5 year old.  In the introduction, Sarah and Laura discuss holiday plans (or lack thereof!), and they answer a winter-themed question about how to deal with that short post-nap window on weekends when it's already dark (and possibly cold) outside.

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