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Best of Both Worlds Podcast

Oct 8, 2019

It's fall - time for lots of cozy soups & stews at the family dinner table!  But if you're like us, you're not interested in standing over a pot and chopping for ingredients for hours each weeknight. 

We briefly review our current meal strategies, and then welcome the lovely Cassy Joy Garcia to our show today to showcase some strategies for those less keen on outsourcing the kitchen duties. 

Cassy Joy Garcia is the author of Cook Once, Eat All Week and the entrepreneur behind her brand and website, Fed and Fit.  While she loves to cook, Cassy has a toddler at home and was inspired to streamline her process.  She came up with this collection of recipes and techniques to bring home cooks the convenience of pre-prepped meals without the boredom factor of eating leftovers all week. 

We also enjoyed learning about her daily routines -- she has continued to grow her business after having her first child and generally has a very positive and infectious outlook on life.  We think you will really enjoy this episode!  In the Q&A, we do a total 180 and answer a 'juicier' listener question related to financial independence and our saving habits.