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Best of Both Worlds Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

This is a fun episode as the intro contains a very important and exciting announcement.  (Seriously, you WANT to hear this news!!!!).  Then, Laura and Sarah dive into one of their favorite topics -- books and reading, with today's focus on books and reading for kids!  The featured guest is Calee Lee, president, and creator of Xist Publishing, a publishing company focused on digital children's books (though they now do print, too!).  Calee tells us her story of how she created and grew her company, and the three of us chat about kids' reading habits, bedtime read-alouds, digital resources, and our favorite/least favorite kids' books!  In the Q&A, we answer a listener question about chores -- are there any consequences of outsourcing in terms of how it prepares our kids to survive in the real world?
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